A fun one from the beach :)

Here's a funny pic I took at the beach :)
For the non-Hebrew speakers: In the top right corner is a sign saying: "Playing [games] is prohibited here"...

And here is some amazing inspiration
- check out these two websites:
1) My teacher :) Israeli photo journalist: Gil Cohen Magen
2) My old school friend, portrait photographer, Silje Glefjell



About street photography

I love surfing the net for photography blogs, tutorials, websites, galleries, articles etc. And this evening I found this guy, who I found to be very interesting: Eric Kim - here he gives advice regarding street photography :)

Daddy giving Nitai a haircut :)

Daddy really wanted mommy to help him, but mommy just can't let a photo moment like this pass her!! :)


Easy way to get VIGNETTE effect

I have a veeery old and simple version of Photoshop on my laptop, and have been trying to see how I can easily add vignette effect to pictures... I found a lot of the tutorials online to be very complicated.... At last I have come up with a way:

1. Open your picture in PS

2. Select a narrow border by using Marquee Tool:


3. Inverse selected area:


4. Select feather tool - choose 200 pixels:


5. Adjust brightness, to achieve a darker border:

6. Press CTRL + D to deselect
- and VOLIA! you have a beautiful vignette style border!


Various snapshots

A small selection of snapshots :) I really enjoy taking pictures of PEOPLE... People in different settings, doing what they do.

Ramat Gan Safari, 2011

Tel Aviv, Neve Zedek, 2011

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Marathon 2011

Anabe park, Modiin, 2011


Nitai waiting...

This was an entire series of pictures - Nitai sitting outside our house waiting for daddy to come home from work... SO here are a few more :)

Lag Baomer - bonfires and marshmellows :)

Yesterday was Lag Baomer, which in Israel means lots of bonfires, and even more roasted marshmellows :) We sealed our windows, so that the smell of fire would stay OUTSIDE, and went to the bonfire arranged by Jonathan's (my 11 year old) class...


Yom Haatzmaaut - Israel's Independence Day

Last week we celebrated Israel's independence day. We went to see the flotilla at the Marina in Herzlia, and afterwards for the annual BBQ at my brother and sister-in-law :)

AKIM exhibit!

I sent in a picture to a local photo competition, with the theme "WATER". At the end of the competition, 30 out of the 300 pictures received were displayed at an exhibit! I was VERY honoured to have my picture displayed!! 
The opening of the exhibit was a fundraising event for AKIM MODIIN.

Pictures from Exhibit May 2011

So I did a 3 month photo course, run by an Israeli press photographer Gil Cohen-Magen, and at the end of the course we had a mini exhibit. These were my pics "SNAPSHOTS - MOVEMENT":


First blog post!

So I decided to start a new blog for my new hobby :) So this is a test, and here is a random picture... My youngest son Nitai waiting for Daddy tocome home.