Women Baking Matza

This week I went along with my teacher and friend Gil, to take pics at this matza factory where women are employed to do most of the work - this is apparently very unusual, as it's usually the men who have the important job of matza baking.



Check out this AWESOME slideshow with pics by Judah Passow!!
Enjoy!!!! :)


Purim in Jerusalem!

Shoshan Purim! Purim celebration in Jerusalem!
Purim Sameach to you all!

Reading of Megillat Esther outdoors, Jerusalem

Getting ready for the festivities, Jerusalem

Big soldier, small "soldier"... Jerusalem

Little fairy

And now it's enough.....zzzzzz........



Purim started ages ago.... After the month of Adar sets in,
 everyday life as we know it changes :)
And weird things start happening!!