Shana Tova!!

Rosh Hashana is approaching (Jewish New Year),
so I would like to wish my friends and family
a SHANA TOVA (a good new year)!!
May the year to come bring us all happiness and good health - and lots of great pictures :)


School trip to Jerusalem

Last night I joined my children on their yearly school trip to Jerusalem (for Slichot). It was a wonderful evening, with an interesting and fun programme. And I got to slip away once in a while, and take some night shots of the amazing city of Jerusalem :)

Upstairs, downstairs

WHich way??


Prayer at the Kotel (Western Wall)


Kotel (Western Wall)


My morning in TA

Spent the morning in Tel Aviv trying to get some interesting shots for a project I'm working on - and of course testing my new lens (Nikon 35mm-1.8f) :) Learned a few new things: a) one is not allowed to take pics in a train (I was taking of the view outside), b) one is not allowed to take pics of the diamond exchange buildings.... oh, well ;)


Oslo - after the explosion

When we were in Oslo, we drove past the government building where the explosion was a couple of months ago. Everything was cleaned up, and except for some shattered windows, and some rather dead flowers placed in random places, it was hard to believe what had happened there...


Life after September 1st

September 1st is the day schools reopen after the looooooooong summer holidays here in Israel. And, yes, yesterday was the big day - after 2 months of no routine, travelling, too much ice cream etc, yesterday morning we woke up and got ready for school! I think everyone was happy to go back to school,
not only the parents :)
For us (and many others) it was extra exciting as one of our children started 1st grade (kita Aleph)!