Juggling in Tel Aviv

Had a great day in Tel Aviv yesterday. Walked around, took pics and had fun :) Next to the beach we met this Swedish girl, Katarina, practicing her juggling act.



Bærum, Norway 12. 2012
Preparing the tree for Xmas

Taking a walk in minus 15C.....


Brides! :) No, not really....

One make-up artist, one hair designer and
five beautiful models
= lots of fun for the photographer :)
Make-up - Ronit Turvall
Hair Designer - AVital Tzur


Shana Tova!!

So, with Rosh Hashana around the corner it is
time to wish everyone


Moshe Peretz in Modiin

A couple of pics from the end of summer concert
held last Thursday :)



Not long ago I joined this facebook photo group called Fifty-Two Frames. Every week there is a theme, and all participants post their take on the theme. This week - very appropriately - was HEAT!
Here is my take. It was about 36 degrees that day...

And a couple more from the same HOT day in Ramat Gan :)


Hello from Oslo

So here we are in Oslo - I must say I was looking forward to going out and taking lots of pics... but guess what, it's been raining almost non stop! As much as I am loving the rain (escaping the boiling hot Israeli summer),
 it puts a bit of a stopper for taking pics....


Send in the Clowns...

....but first they need to get made up
and polish their shoes! :)
Circus Americano, Modiin, Israel


Ice treats for the animals!

It was really hot today... like REALLY HOT!! Like real ICE CREAM weather :) And so the staff at Ramat Gan Safari decided to make ice treats for some of the animals :)


Concert in the Park

Summer is here and so are the summer activities
here in Modiin! :)

"The Voice" finalists, Modiin, July 2012


The tents are back... are they?

Last year's social protest is back. The Modiinites tried returning their tents to the park at the entrance of the town last night, but not sure how successful they were....
An onlooker checking out the tent site.


Street performer

Street performer seen in Modiin during this week's Shavua Hasefer event (Book Week).


It takes two...

These very talented dancers were performing at a ceremony I attended the other day:

Modiin, May 2012


Memorial Day - Yom Hazikaron

Today is Memorial Day for Israel's fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.
Pics from the ceremony this morning in Modiin.