Big bird small bird

We did a lot of "feeding the ducks" in Oslo. Actually, I don't think we saw any ducks, but the other birds were also happy to eat our bread, so everyone was satisfied :)


A bit of this and that

"Walking the ... baby!", Oslo, 8/2011

Oslo, 8/2011

"Big Brother is watching YOU", Oslo, 8/2011


The Circus is in Town!

Wiiihiii !! We went to the circus! Still in Norway, and doing all sorts of interesting things :)Yesterday we took the kids to the circus - I have NEVER been to a circus before, so was just as excited and slightly overwhelmed as the kids!


Oslo synagogue and rain

While in Norway we went to see a wedding in the synagogue in Oslo. The whole thing was really beautiful, and it was very special for me as I hadn't been to this synangogue for very many years...
As we left, it started pouring down (as is tradition in Norway :), and all the wedding guests, wearing their amazing gowns and tuxedos had to hide under their rather plain umbrellas! 


Hi from Holland

Just one little pic from Holland! Enjoying myself here, and will definitly be posting more pics soon :)