It's Sukkot again - which mean time for the Modiin Circus Festival! Heaps of fun, acrobatics, street performers and more!! YEY!


Modiin International Street Festival

The Intentional Street Festival is on! In Modiin! :)
I managed to pop in for a few minutes and check it out during a very hectic afternoon...


One Funeral. Three Graves. Gilad, Eyal and Naftali.

Three young boys, kidnapped by terrorists. And murdered.
We all feel we know them, and we all feel we know their families. Many tens of thousands of us attended their funeral. They were laid to rest, side by side, in Modiin, a city that geographically connects their home towns.
Baruch Dayan Haemet.


Yom Haatzmaut - Aviv Geffen in Modiin

Aviv Geffen in concert, Modiin 6/5/2014
אביב גפן במודיעין - יום העצמאות  2014



Assim, a little boy from a local Bedouin family. 
This little guy has the most amazing eyes!
Ben Shemen, 2014


Pre-Pesach shoot turned into violent demonstration shoot

Yesterday I decided to take a walk in the ultra-orthodox neighbourhood, Meah Shearim, in Jerusalem, to see the pre-Pesach (passover) preperations. As I got there I realised things were going to be very different than I had planned. I found myself stuck in a huge demonstration (against drafting yeshiva students to the army), were hundreds of ultra-orthodox men were blocking intersections, setting fire to garbage containers, throwing bags of flour and glass bottles at the police... The police brought in horses and water cannons, and arrested several men. 
I didn't get my pre-pesach pictures, but I did get some demonstration pictures :)


Not quite the adloyada (Purim Parade)

So I missed the traditional Purim Parade in Modiin this year, 
but did get a couple of pre-parade shots :)


India Republic day - as celebrated in Israel

India Republic Day celebrated at the Indian Consulate in Israel. As expected: amazing bright colours, lovely friendly people, yummy (spicy!) food and a great atmosphere!