This was my last photo for 52Frames in 2013.
Wishing everyone a creative year to come!


Xmas Midnight Mass - The Monastery of Silence, Latrun, Israel

Last night, Xmas eve, I tagged along to a midnight mass held in a monastery in Latrun, not far from Modiin. Being Jewish, I have never been to anything like that before, and I must say it was really interesting! (Except for the incense that made me feel nauseous ;) Being a photographer really gets me to places I would never have dreamed of going to!
Anyway, this monastery is also called The Monastery of Silence, as apparently the monks there have taken upon themselves the vow of silence. It was founded in 1890 by the Trappist order, and this is their only monastery in Israel.   



This started out being a picture taken for the paper during election day (see voting card in man's hand) 
- and ended up being edited and transformed to a 52Frames photo for the theme QUOTE :)

I used a quote from Kohelet:

Two are better than One, 
for they get a greater return for their labor. 
For should they fall, one can raise the other: 
but woe to him who is alone when he falls and there is no one to raise him....
Kohelet 4:9-10


India in Israel - Faces

This week I went to a National Convention of Indian Jews in Israel - what a long name! What it was was a huge "happening" with participants from the different Indian Jewish groups, Bnei Israel, Bnei Menashe, Cochini and Bagdadi. It was really a most fascinating event! There was food, music, etc, but most of all people were just there to have a good time.
I decided to shoot some portraits - showing the beauty and diversity of the Indian Jews.



Took this picture in connection with 52Frames' "light experiement" challenge. I knew exactly what effect I was looking for, and had the picture ready in my head. All I needed was a willing model ;)


Lag Baomer - the holiday of smoke and fire :)

...and this year we got to play with fire TWO days in a row!
How cool is that?!? ;)



Kamcha D'Pascha - קמחא דפסחא

Kamcha D'Pascha in Meah Shearim, Jerusalem.
The mitzva of giving charity (food) to the poor prior to the holiday of Pesach (passover). In Meah Shearim they have a one day mass distribution of essential food products for the holiday.